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Verlabs is a mobile and digital engagement enabler. We pioneer mobile and digital marketing concepts and develop the technology to support them. Our expertise spans from Content creation to Machine Learning and covers every area in between. Our dedication to innovation and unwavering commitment to technical excellence have helped generate over 1 Bn. monetized interactions from some 35 M. customers of mobile operators and media groups globally.
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Our People.

At Verlabs, we believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That is why we unleash go-getters, embrace introverts and are real big fans of those of us with true foresight. Composed of small, dynamic teams, assigned with clear objectives and awarded with the opportunity to truly own their domain, our staff are required to deliver quality and encouraged to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset.

Our Teams

We don’t talk about our engineering team very often. And that is a testament to the fact that they keep our “engines” running like clockwork while consistently adding a bit of value in ways that never cease to impress us.


They do this using cutting-edge technologies like Node.js, Typescript, React, MongoDB and many more to deliver mission critical, large scale, high availability applications over multiple media: Web, Mobile, SMS, Messaging apps.


This is a group of a couple dozen friends just hanging out. Oh, and they deliver applications used on a daily basis by millions of people across the world.

Pelé once said “Success is no accident. It is perseverance, learning, […] and most of all, love of what you are doing”. It is a little-known fact that he was referring to our Account Management team. Divided into small, dynamic groups, these professionals are united by their common ability to deliver truly world-class client service. They coordinate resources, making sure that what was agreed is delivered and what is delivered was agreed.


Some of them have strong cross-selling skills, others are more technically minded. But one thing this multicultural group of individuals all have in common is their footprint in every successful new project and the technology that supports it.

The product team loves data. Lucky for us, data seems to love it back. Everything that comes out of this department is either new, digital or both. Spearheading our drive for innovation, the product team is composed of product management, tech consulting, digital and social media professionals as well as graphic designers.


Responsible for developing complex second screen, or multiplayer digital engagement tools, they are also the minds behind our most advanced applications of Machine Learning. In a nutshell, Product is the team making sure that we remain relevant and maintain our pioneer DNA in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Composed primarily of pre-sales and sales professionals, this team’s job starts when a product is still in its idea phase, weighing-in to put it on the path of commercial success. Once it’s ready to see the light, they spearhead its sales strategy. They make data-driven projections which define their global sales objectives, taking them halfway across the world, acquiring new clients, entering new markets, and eventually helping us to improve the very products they set out with.


They cross and up-sell, prepare contracts, manage relationships and are the primary caretakers of our company’s brand image. But we are most proud of them when they close back-to-back business. Because nothing says “job well done” like a returning client.

When paychecks are error-free and on time, when your clients happily keep up with your payments term and when you get your contracts right every time despite entering new, distant markets with previously unknown accounting rules and barriers, you know your Finance team is being proactive, diligent, accurate, passionate and most of all on-time, every time. Other than being a key ingredient of our so far success, they have the distinct pleasure of hearing the words “Thank You”, more often than most.

People say a picture is worth a thousand words.


Unfortunately, they rarely get to use pictures and there usually isn’t space for 1,000 words… yet somehow, they always identify new and improved ways to convey the message!


They think outside the box, they think inside the box, and often enough without a box… what matters is that they try to find the optimal approach to meet each project’s needs!


Their secret recipe? Experience, creative thinking, constant research and… well, let’s not reveal everything!

We are a relatively young company constantly pushing the peak of its growth higher and higher. When you fall under this category, you make sacrifices, you prioritize, and you focus on hiring those you truly need. Thankfully, we decided early on to focus on finding the right HR team.


And it’s thanks to them that our family has grown with likeminded individuals, who complement us with their skills but most importantly fit into our friendly pluricultural environment. Uncompromising, dedicated, always available, and most of all, making sure we get every comfort that can be expected, our HR team is something like our adoptive parent.

The Administration team is our unsung hero. From making our travel arrangements, to organizing our Christmas parties and absolutely every supply run, client greeting and office management task in between, our Administration team is the one making sure that every other team is able to focus on their responsibilities, without any unwelcome distractions. Without excellence here, any venture would crumble. For this, we are grateful.